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Awning Fabric

I have spent a huge amount of time searching for hard-to-get Sunbrella colors. Some are discontinued, some I've bought at roll price and on others I just got a great deal. Over the years I have accumulated quite a stock of top-of-the-line Sunbrella and Dickson fabrics. These are all 100% acrylic canvas, UV & mildew treated, water resistant, fade resistant. Please take some time to look over our in-stock fabric samples.

Scallops on all three sides (standard order)

Typically these have a 9” evenly spaced scalloped edge valance that wraps around all three sides.

Scallops on the leading edge only

These are just that, a 9” evenly spaced scalloped valance on the outer edge only.

The scalloped edge is typically an evenly spaced scallop, if you prefer a flat edge, I can do that too.

The Scallop Trim

I use a 100% acrylic braid color coordinated to your fabric to finish the edges. I do offer a 3” synthetic bullion fringe for an additional cost. This adds a lot of character to the awning, but is totally your preference. I don’t have this fringe available in all colors, please ask for choices if you are interested.

Marti's Trailer Awning scallop style

(Standard order/3-sides)

Marti's Trailer Awning scallop style


Marti's Trailer Awning scallop style

(Leading edge only)

Roll-out awning replacement fabric

roll out awning

We offer replacement fabric for roll-out awnings.
If you are interested, please call us at 530-891-5120.

The Overnighter

T@b trailer awning

This is a very small awning just for a quick shade or shelter. Some folks with large trailers/awnings, use these when they are just stopping for the night to avoid putting up their larger awning in the rain or for just a quick layover. Others use them on their smaller trailers, T@bs, teardrops etc. These get the scalloped edge on the outer edge only. They usually measure about 5’ x 5’. $119.00

Teardrop Galley Awning

Marti's Awnings – Tear Drop Awning

A teardrop galley awning offers nice, easy shade and shelter while you are cooking.  It is attached either at the bottom edge of the galley lid (usually with a strip of awning rail), or installed with an awning rail or snaps at the hinge point. You decide on the length of shade/shelter you want. Contact me for a price.

Teardrop Cabanas


Here’s my newest cabanas for teardrops and tiny trailers! These are great for changing/porta potty rooms. Made from your choice of Sunbrella fabrics, they are water resistant, UV treated, etc. The cabana structure is like a small, 4' x 4', or 4' x 6' EZ-Up that adjusts for height and folds up very compact. You can take the sides off separately and leave just the top shade during the day, or use it like this to stay dry and out of the wind. The sides can be configured to open on any side you choose. Add a matching awning for your teardrop and you’re ready to go!

Cabanas are $350.00, including the structure and Sunbrella canvas.

Window Awnings (and support system) to match your awning

window support system

Prices vary from $40 to $75, depending on size and details. The support system for window awnings (above) are $45. Shown: (A) Support rod (B) Bracket attached to trailer (C) Support rod end-piece screws on to bracket during use.

Rod Pockets and D-Rings

Rod pockets are for folks that have a "structure" of poles running under their awning, probably poles from an old awning, these pockets give the horizontal poles in that set a place to slide through. The d-rings get sewn in under the awning for people that might want to attach a wall or two in the future, these give attach points for them.


Awning Poles

All aluminum 8' height, large thumbscrew for adjustment, 3" drawn tip and large rubber foot. $35.00 each.

Nylon Rope

15' lengths of 1/4" nylon braided rope, $5.00 each.


$3.00 each

Rope Tighteners

Trailer awning rope tightener Marti's Trailer AwningsAdd these nifty 4" pieces to the rope between the awning and stake to make an easy job of tightening the rope and keep your awning taught and sturdy. $4.00 each.