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Tips for enjoying many years using your vintage trailer awning

1. Take a few minutes to examine your awning rail, check for any sharp edges, or collapsed rail opening, the entire length. If you find these just take a minute or two to repair/file or what ever attention it needs.

2. Be sure not to store your awning wet or damp. Sometimes we get caught taking our awnings down after a night of dew or rain. This Sunbrella fabric is 100% acrylic and mildew resistant and it just takes a few minutes to hang it out when returning home to make sure it’s good and dry. It’s a good idea to shake all the loose dirt out of it if you were camping in a dusty area.

3. It is great to have a friend to give you a hand hanging your awning, someone to hold up the loose end to help feed/slide the awning welt through the awning rail.

Pull away from the trailer and stand up your adjustable tent poles into the grommets that I have installed in the outer corners (and maybe in between depending on the size of your awning). Make a loop in the end of your rope to go around the tip of the pole that extends through the grommet and pull the rope tight to the tent stakes that you will drive into the ground. Sometimes you will need two ropes on the ends to pull both out and away from the trailer to keep your awning taught. We sell rope tighteners and poles.

4. A couple of tricks to make sliding the awning onto the rail easier: Put a small amount of dish soap on a dry paper towel and run it along the length of your awning rail channel. Or, use aerosol silicone spray along the channel.

5. Grab your lawn chair and enjoy the shade!!

6. When you are ready to pack up just fold your awning lengthwise and then roll it to get it back into the stuff bag that I have provided for storage while traveling. 

Your awning should give you many years of reliable service. Anything less, I would sure like to hear from you!

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