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Marti Domyancic, The Shady Lady

I've been in the sewing business my entire life, including 30 years of owning an auto/boat and aircraft upholstery business. (No, I don’t do that work anymore. No cushions. No curtains!) I've been making trailer awnings professionally since 2008.

I really enjoy vintage trailers, and I completely restored my 1947 Kit teardrop trailer by myself. I also have a 1958 16-foot Shasta Airflyte that my son and I restored. You'll find me comfortably settled in one of these at many of the California rallies, where I've met the nicest folks. After all, we’re all on vacation while we’re camping!

When I realized the demand for affordable, quality trailer awnings, I made it my mission to supply them to folks who love vintage trailers as much as I do.

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