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Answers to common questions about trailer awnings

What size awning do I need?

You will need to measure your awning rail to determine the width yours will take. It’s alright to go a little into the front and/or back curve, just don’t go far. It’s okay to not use the entire rail, but you don’t want the awning longer than the rail.

How far out do the trailer awnings go?

Common length away from the trailer is 8’; Airstreams usually go to 9’ because their rails are high and back from the edge. All my awnings are made to order so if you prefer more or less I can do that for you.

How do I get it tight?

Make sure your ropes on the corners are pulling out from the trailer and away from each other. Some folks use two ropes for each pole.

Where do I get poles and rope tighteners?

I can provide the popular rope tighteners and adjustable aluminum poles.

How do I store my trailer awning?

I provide a nice stuff bag to keep your awning in and clean during travel. Just roll it up and stuff it away.

How do I clean my trailer awning?

This is very sturdy fabric. I start with dish soap like Dawn and a scrub brush. If your stain is more stubborn work up to a stronger soap. To get out pine sap or pitch, any kind of orange cleaner (even hand cleaner) will remove pitch safely.

Do you make window awnings?

Yes I do, but I don’t have a source for the support rods for them. You will need to make your own rods. From there you will also need to know how you plan to attach it to the trailer, i.e. snaps, awning rail, elastic, etc. I make these with the scalloped valance that hangs down on the bottom edge only or all three sides. Contact me and we can discuss this.

Why are there different prices for different fabrics?

Some of my fabrics I have gotten at roll prices, discontinued, closeouts etc., at a discounted price and I like to pass that on to you. If I need a special order fabric, I don’t get such a good deal. All my fabrics are top of the line, no seconds. View pricing here.

Do you make the walls for the enclosed rooms?

Contact me and we can discuss this.

What type of payments do you accept?

Since I make each awning to your specs, I require full payment at the time you place your order. You can either drop a check or money order in the mail to me or I can send you an invoice through PayPal. If you would like an invoice, please confirm the email address of your PayPal account.

How long do I have to wait for my order?

Usually I can make your awning within 2-3 weeks of placing your order. However in the peak of camping season, it could be longer. I can advise you on that when you place your order.

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