Trailer awning fabric

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As you can see, I have quite a large selection of awning fabrics in stock. You can check the Sunbrella website for more choices that I can special order for you (see my price list).

Beverly Black Grey

Baycrest Pacific

Baycrest Sky

Beverly Black Grey

Black Cherry Brass

Black Taupe

Black White 6 Bar

Blue Hossegor

Burgandy Grey Black

Burgandy Grey Special

Captain Regimental

Carousel confetti Coastal Spa

Carousel Confetti

Chocolate Chip

Classical Regimental

Clinton Graphite

Coastal Spa

Colanade Juniper
Cordell Redwood

Colanade Juniper

Colanade Redwood

Collenade Seaglass

Cordell Redwood

Creme Gold

Dickson Messina
Diffy Yellow

Dickson Messina

Dickson Oslo

Diffy Yellow

Dix Wide Grey Stripe Black

Dark Coral Cream

Fern Classic

Fern Heather Beige Block Stripe

Forest Beige Natural Fancy

Forest Fancy

Forest Green Fancy

Forest Green Transitional

Forest Green 6 Bar

Forest Vintage Bar Stripe

Ginza Java

Goteberg 7914

Grey Caliente

Grey Black Transitional

Grey Caliente

Grey Gold Stripe

Green Fancy

Grey White 6 Bar

Henna Fern Vintage

Hardelot Coral

Hatteras Raven

Hemlock Tween Fancy

Henna Fern Vintage

Laurel Bay Cedar

Navy White 6 Bar

Laurel Bay Onyx

Maroon Tan Race

Mental Cardinal


Navy White 6 Bar

Race Colonna

Pacific 6 Bar

Pacific Blue Fancy

Pompadour Red

Preston Radiance

Race Colonna

Race Valdes

Race Valdes


Red White 6 Bar

Roanoke Jewel

Rodanthe Metallic


Radanthe Sunrise

Sage Taupe Trans

Sapphire Vintage Bar Stripe

Sat Summer

Silverstone Spruce Green

Spice Classic

Sunbrella Creme and Grey

Yellow White 6 Bar








Weblon Island Turquois

This is not a canvas material like all the others I work with. This is a very strong reinforced laminated vinyl with stripes on top and solid underneath. This is the only material available in this nice aqua/white stripe used by so many on our vintage trailers, This make a nice awning and is completely waterproof. The only negative I have heard about it is, that being a vinyl it is a bit stiffer in cold weather, as you would imagine.


*LTD (Limited Fabric Supply) – For trim only due to limited sizes available



Persian Splash Spun - LTD*

Roanoke Blue Mist - LTD*

Tuscan Stripe - LTD*